How to Delete a Mint Account

5 min readSep 10, 2022

If you are a member of you are aware that it is beneficial for keeping track of your financials in addition to keeping all of your financial information all in one place. Sometimes, however, you decide that you don’t want to make use of the Mint application any more and want to delete a mint account. In this situation, it is best to close your Mint account to avoid sensitive financial data from being stored for the long term.

While at the same time you’re helping close accounts of loved ones who have passed away closing accounts linked to finances could be a measure of safety and an opportunity to grieve for you as well as others in the family. Management of digital assets after the passing of a loved one could provide a way to resolution and a path forward. Here are a few steps you can need to follow to successfully delete a Mint Account.

How to Permanently Delete Your Mint Account and App

Close Mint Account is simple if you open your desktop or laptop computer. Mint provides a variety of options only through its website and not on the app, and the process of deleting your account requires the user to log in using your browser before you can do so.

1. Login, and then select the options

After you’ve logged into your account at Once you’ve done that, you’ll be able to find an icon on the upper right hand side of the screen. It’s “Settings.” Click this to start deleting your account.

2. Click “Sign In and Security” and “Delete Your Mint Account”

In the settings of your account, you will be a button that reads “Sign In and Security.” Click it. Below a lengthy list of settings and options, you will see a button that reads “Delete Your Mint Account.”

If it’s not there, you probably haven’t linked any financial institution to your Mint account. If that’s the case, then your primary home screen after you’ve logged into your account should display the same “Delete Your Mint Account” button in the lower right.

3. Keep the dialogue going until you get confirmation from the company.

When you click this button, it’ll ask you to confirm that you want to erase the account. Once you click that “Yes” button, it’ll ask you to confirm your password, and then click “Finish.

Then your account should be completely deleted.

4. The deletion process can take up to six days. Communication may be ongoing

One thing the Mint website admits is that the process of deletion could take anywhere from 4 to 6 days. Within that time you’ll be notified of your account’s deletion and a couple of other emails to confirm the deletion.

Contact their helpline If you are still receiving emails. Monitoring your email after the deletion of your account is one way to be sure that your account has been completely deleted.

5. Uninstall the app

The deletion process is complete within Mint’s browser version. This is why you should be sure you go back to your phone and deinstall Mint in order to complete the deletion process.

How to Delete a Mint Account for Someone That Died

Mint accounts hold sensitive data They also contain sensitive information, which is why Mint won’t divulge login information in a hurry. However, as Mint accounts have such sensitive financial information, this is something you’ll want to address in some way or another. This is among the steps of our post-loss checklist, for reasons.

There are several options to deal with the closure of the Mint account of a person who has passed away. The ideal person to start the process is a close family member or administrator of the estate.

1. Make use of shared account details to follow the steps above.

Although Mint accounts are typically only for one person, you and your spouse could have had an account jointly. If your spouse dies or you’ve already got the necessary information to close the account by following the steps above.

This is the best choice, even though the majority of executors and relatives will not possess the login and password required for an account.

2. Contact Mint Live Chat for directions. Mint live chat to get directions

Take note of identifying documents, such as an original death certificate. Utilize Live Chat to begin a chat via Mint Help.

They might have to speak to you over the phone to provide you with all your required information. Mint is likely to prove the relationship you have with the person you lost and help you arrange for the closure of the accounts.

3. Send any necessary documentation

The final step is to ensure that you’re the one authorized to close the account by providing documents.

As you might be closing several accounts, you could ask for the assistance of a relative or friend member. They can be helpful in making copies and delivering these documents to different businesses that require them.

Mint Account Deletion: Frequently Asked Questions

A lot of people don’t go as that far as to erase their Mint accounts but are still looking for more security. Here are some frequently asked questions on the delete a Mint account details.

How do you remove or delink an account with a bank or credit line from Mint?

Then, under the “Settings” tab as mentioned above, select “Your Accounts” and make sure that “All” is selected. Each account should be marked with an icon of gear next to it. If you click on the gear you will be able to delete the account, thus removing the credit or bank account from your Mint account.

The next step is to take care of your information when you close your account?

Mint claims that they will securely erase your account, as well as your financial information within the period of 4 to 6 days following the deletion of the account.

Similar to other systems on the internet like them, they can store information vital for the reporting of business information. But they also make sure that the data is anonymized and are diligent in ensuring the security of this data.

Can you erase an account on a Mint account without the use of a password or email?

It’s unlikely that you’ll be able to erase an account on a Mint account belonging to you if you are unable to get your password back or have an email address that is correct.

The only exception is if you prove that you’re an authorized agent to close an estate of someone else and that’s a requirement for some documentation.

Ending the Mint Era For Yourself or a Loved One

Your Mint account might be useful or your loved ones might appreciate its functions. However, knowing how to shut down an account is an efficient way to simplify the digital footprint of a person or legacy.

Making sure your financial account information is safe is a good idea, whether you’re closing an estate, or just putting your own things in order. It is possible to use an account manager that can secure all account information that you intend to keep.

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