14 Best Websites To Sell College Notes Online for Cash

8 min readJul 7, 2022


Are you struggling to pay for your education? Are you finding it difficult financially to pay for your education, charges, expenses for lodging, and more.? You’re probably going to work part-time after college to make up the gap.

Similar to that, you may be doing other side hustles to earn a living. This is why in this article I have come up with an idea of helping you earn some extra cash.

If you’re in school, you may not have a lot of time to work on various business ventures However, the idea I’m going to cover does not require any extra effort or time from you. It’s nothing more than selling notes on the internet.

Sell your notes from past classes or ones you don’t use anymore, and earn some extra cash. Selling notes isn’t a requirement to put in any effort. You’re already spending time at college, taking notes each day. That’s all you require to put into this side business.

There are a variety of apps and websites that allow you to upload your notes and study guides. These apps can offer different discounts, and you could earn money when students buy your notes.

Here, I’ll provide a list of legitimate websites that allow you to make money selling your notes. Find out more here.

Sell Notes Online To Make Side Cash

Selling notes online can be an excellent idea to earn money for students who write good and reliable notes. However, you will not earn money in a day with this strategy, nor in the long term. It’s an extra-income opportunity that can assist in supplementing your income requirements.

Once the expectations and the work is clear Let’s look at some reliable websites that allow you to make money selling your old notes. earn money.

1. Study Pool

Study Pool is the best website to sell your school college and university documents. If you will upload your study documents to this website so this website will give you money. If any person downloads your documents. But remember that all the documents you upload are of high quality.

2. Course Hero

Course Hero is an educational technology website where students have access to various online courses. It also provides 24/7 doubt clarification and studying materials to its students.

If you’re someone who takes notes in-depth on college subjects Then Course Hero is waiting to purchase the notes from you. You can sell the notes you took in your courses to Course Hero. They will give you cash for the notes.

If you sign up for a monthly membership you are able to upload documents to their website. You may you can also recommend your friends to do the same and continue earning cash.

3. Nexus Notes

Its website is an online resource through which students can access high-quality notes. Notes can be uploaded to Nexus Notes Website.

The team will review your notes for accuracy and quality before making them available on their website for sale after they have been approved.

Notes are typically sold at a price of up to $35 and you’ll be paid 50% of the set of notes sold. The payment will show in your account at beginning of every month, via Paypal.

4. Notesale

This is a British-based online platform that lets you buy and sell books on the internet. All you need to do is follow their three steps for fast uploading your notes. Once you have done this, your notes will be instantly visible on their website and will be accessible for students to purchase.

Notesale lets you upload notes quickly and easy searching for notes. It also simplifies the transfer of funds between students purchasing and selling notes, avoiding awkward situations. You are however allowed to set prices for your notes and books.

To find out more about the three-step procedure as well as payment methods and other details, go to Notesales website.

5. Notesgen

Notesgen is also an online book-selling and buying website, but it also has more to offer than textbooks and notes. It connects students from various streams from all over the world to facilitate the exchange of learning resources.

It is possible to sell and buy educational materials such as case results and lab reports, as well as presentations and research guides, study guides, and more. Notesgen also offers an app for Android and iOS which allows you to create an account and begin selling your educational material.

You will earn 60% commission on the sales. The payment will be made on a Friday.

6. Notesmate

Notesmate also allows buying and selling books, however, you can do that through their application. The app functions more like an internet-based social network.

You will need to sign up for an account in order to access the platform for selling notes. Other users can follow you here to check how your notes perform. This feature gives more credibility to the Notesmate application. Notes also have a chance of being purchased.

You can also sell your notes for cash or even run giveaways if you want to. Payments will be made into your account at the bank after the Notes are sold.

7. NoteXchange

It is an Australian-based platform that allows you to purchase and sell flashcards, notes, and study guides. Students at both universities and schools can use this site to meet their academic requirements.

You can create your own store and price on their site to market your product. If you manage your selling business on your own, you’ll be making 100% of the sales. However, if NoteXchange provides you with the right strategies to get your product noticed and sold, you’ll receive only 50% of the sales.

Your earnings will be credited to your bank account at the end of every month.

8. Omega Notes

Omega Notes is also like many other websites that sell notes online. There is a wide selection of study material on this website. If you are planning to sell your products on this site you must pay a certain amount of fees for items like big uploads, pricing items higher than $35, or the listing of materials for longer than 24 months.

The greatest thing about Omega Notes is it offers an estimate of pricing to assist you. It will pay you 70% commission on every sale. The money will be paid through PayPal when the buyer buys your item.

9. OneClass

It is a Canadian platform that allows students to collaborate on notes and other study material. This app’s functionality is slightly different from other ones. You earn points instead of cash uploading notes to OneClass. You can cash these credits or trade them to gift cards at online retailers like Amazon, Walmart, etc.

There’s another chance on OneClass which allows you to earn three times what you earn by doing normal work. You can be a note-taker by registering on their website and earning three times the amount for uploading these notes.

You could also earn up to 50 credits for referring colleagues with outstanding note-taking abilities. The app also offers to tutor online.

10. Oxbridge Notes

Oxbridge Notes is one of the most popular note-selling websites online, offering services for students in America, Canada, the US, Canada, and the UK. Alongside notes it also allows you to sell models, PDFs as well as other items.

It is similar to many websites selling notes online. You are able to earn 72% of net sales through this platform, and also receive the payment through PayPal. Oxbridge Notes claims that an average seller using their app earns $250 annually.

11. Quest Notes

This is a straightforward website for selling and buying lecture notes, class notes study guides, revision notes, and more. It’s easy to sell using Quest Notes. All you have to do is send the notes to them, and then their team will take care of everything else.

You can receive a 70% commission on sales made here. But, you won’t make much money from uploads, with the exception of $0.20 for every upload. Instead, you’ll receive credits which you can use to purchase notes that you may find useful on their website.

You can withdraw your money via PayPal when they have reached an amount of $10.

12. StudentVIP

StudentVIP is an online platform that lets students purchase and sells their educational material. The notes you plan to sell go through the process of reviewing to determine whether they can be sold and uploaded to their website. If you’re a great note-taker, and you believe you’ll be able to pass the review test, then this website is perfect for you.

The notes can be valued at a maximum of $59 and make a 75% profit on the sale.

13. StudySoup

It’s an online marketplace that allows students to purchase and sell educational materials such as notes from classes, tutoring services, and more. You must be an Elite note-taker to be able to sell notes through them. But, you’ll be permitted to sell three study guides per semester using StudySoup.

The money is directly deposited in your banking account, or through PayPal. You can receive payments in increments of $450 or more per check.

14. Stuvia

The Stuvia marketplace is another excellent place to sell notes from college online. There you can make money by selling summaries of lectures, notes, assignments, etc. on this marketplace online. Stuvia lets you sign up for their service for free and then begin selling your product. You can decide on the price and they’ll make a profit after the product is sold.

You have to meet the threshold of 10 euros before you can take your money out.

Here is a list of websites that allow you to sell your old notes and books to make some extra cash. Pick the ones that are available in your area to sell your notes online and earn cash on the side.


Making money selling notes on the internet is a simple and quick way to earn cash side-line for students. Don’t let books that are not used from your previous classes get buried in your storage rooms or shelves. Instead, you can use one of these websites and earn profits by selling the books.

High-quality notes are in need nowadays Don’t pass this opportunity up without a hit if you’re proficient at taking notes. If you have ever tried any of these websites to sell notes on the internet Please feel free to discuss your experience with us.

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